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Customer Testimonials

The Trans-King Transmissions staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

Trans-King (Arroyo Grande), Just wanted to thank you folks for the service you did this morning (or rather lack of needing any). I needed to get my brakes and shocks checked before a couple of trips, and your folks took a significant amount of time to fully check out my brakes and shocks (without charge), and give me a detailed explanation. I have always used you folks in the past for transmission work, but felt I was “taking a chance” with other stuff (just didn’t have any history with you guys). I was very pleasantly surprised, and I will certainly remember to bring my service your way, when it is eventually needed. Thanks again for a job very well done,
- John & Carol Buckley
Willie and his crew are the best ever! I would trust them with any automobile work with excellent quality and very reasonable prices. They truly stand behind their work!
- Jerry J.
Arroyo Grande, CA
Trans-king rebuilt my manual transmission for a fair price. My car needed a lot of work and they were really good at communicating between me and my dad who knows a lot about cars but lives in another state. A few months later, when my cruise control went out, I took it to Trans-king and they were able to fix it on the spot (obviously wasn't an electrical problem) and they did it for free! Great service, thanks!
- Emily C.
Morro Bay, CA
There is nothing worse than having to bring your car to a mechanic, but I received amazing service here. I know nothing about cars, but I knew there was something wrong with my transmission so I called Trans King in SLO. The mechanic told me to get there as soon as possible and when I told him I had class, he said that was not a problem and he would have another technician drive me there. They were all very friendly and understanding of my situation. When they told me how much it was going to cost, I called a toyota dealership to make sure I was not getting ripped off and they told me that was the absolute best price I would get. After returning to the auto shop, I asked the mechanic to explain to me what exactly had gone wrong and what I can do to keep my car running well. He explained everything to me very thoroughly and took time to teach me about the proper way to take care of my truck. The guys were great.
- Chelsea P.
San Luis Obispo, CA
Just recently (April) we were in your shop for needed repairs on our 2005 Ford Escape. As you may recall we were returning to Utah after a brief vacation in Pismo Beach. Shortly before reaching Pismo we experienced a problem with our car which we thought was transmission related. Naturally, we were reluctant to leave California without having that problem resolved. Most of all we did not want to find ourselves stranded on our way home. With that concern in mind we agreed to have our vehicle diagnosed. After completing the diagnosis you informed us the problem was not the transmission but rather ignition related. At our request you fixed the problem by replacing the defective components. I am happy to tell you our trip home was trouble free. In addition to resolving the problem what stands out even more is your integrity. When we left our car with you we were "at your mercy" with no way of knowing if the diagnosis you offered was correct or the repairs you recommended would solve our problem. They did and I can't thank you enough for your work and, most of all, your truthfulness. You could very easily have taken advantage of us, you didn't and we can't thank you enough for being so honest. Thank you again for all that you did.
- D.J Mendonca
Cedar City, Utah
Place was great! I took my car because no one could figure out what was wrong with it. Willie (the manager) was able to find the problem and he explained it all to me in a way I could understand. They are so honest and professional. My paper work was even thorough on all the repairs and parts that were used. I will definitely come back!
- Amber Tyler
Grover Beach
I recommend going to Trans-King. They are one of a kind because not only is their work great but they are very honest. A shop I went to recommended that I take my car there because I had transmission problems. They were very helpful, tried their best to get the repairs done sooner and they were very informative (I now have a better understanding about transmissions). I will come again and I recommend others to go as well.
- Tom J.
San Luis Obispo
Mr. Willie Loera On behalf of the E.C. Iverson Foundation, I want to thank you for the prompt service and excellent treatment you gave us while servicing our 2002 Chrysler Town and Country van on 8/7/08. We will use your facility in the future for our other vehicles and will refer your company as the need aries. Thank You again!
- E.C. Iverson Foundation
I took my car to Trans King when my transmission blew over the summer. They were very kind and helpful. They fixed my car and told me to come back if I had any problems. In December my car started making a weird noise and would have problems shifting. I took my car back, they drove my car, and told me that it was not my transmission. They told me exactly what was wrong with it and told me what I could do to fix it. The best part was, he didn't charge me a dime! I would recommend Trans King to ANYONE!
- Katie Groves
Willie at the Arroyo Grande Trans-King took great care of me. I have a 1980 Corolla with a transmission that is apparently an antique. Locating parts seemed to be a Nasa space project. But Willie diligently tracked down the right parts and took the time to show me the transmission, the old parts, the new parts, and explained to me how the old parts wore and what needed to be replaced. He was very professional, sincere, patient, and thorough. This industry needs more honest people like Willie!!!
- Greg B.
Arroyo Grande
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